Meltdown in 3, 2, 1 poof

Alltech Computers AMD Meltdown

We at Alltech Computers enjoy diagnosing computers. Being able to find the cause of failure is rewarding especially when we are able to find meltdown issues like this. I guess it brings out our inner child that longs to tear things apart? We got a laptop in that would appear to power up, but had no display. This was one of those fun finds, turns out the AMD southbridge got a bit too hot and decided to meltdown.

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Apple’s iTunes database scam

Yet again, scammers are targeting Apple customers in an attempt to hijack accounts and steal payment information. Security researcher Bryan Campbell raised the alarm, posting on Twitter an email he had been sent which posed as a communication from “Apple Service”, asking users to revalidate their account details. What makes the spammed-out email of interest is that the scammers are claiming that the reason why users needed to reconfirm their account details was that a virus has been found in Apple’s iTunes database: Of course, the message is nonsense. And there is no virus in the iTunes database that requires users to reconfirm their details to Apple. One would hope that the poor grammar and occasional dodgy spelling would alarm...

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Ray-Ban scam is back!

A while ago, we informed you about a Ray-Ban scam campaign flooding Facebook via hacked profiles. Using fake ads that offered massive discounts, attackers tried to lure users into “buying” branded sunglasses, thus giving up their payment card details via an unsecured channel. Spread mostly via posts disguised as ads for Ray-Bans, the scam also tags a small group of the intended victim’s friends. Attackers have also created a lot of bogus Facebook pages and events indirectly leading users to visit their scam stores. Other channels used to spread this hoax included communication apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Yet, it seems this hasn’t satisfied the attackers. As we have seen recently, they have reverted to an...

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